June 2017

Step on it! To Refinish or Replace Wood Floors?

Posted on Jun 05, 2017 in Home Improvement

There's nothing like the warm, classic allure of wooden floors. But even within this category there are many options, whether you're refinishing an existing wooden floor or installing a brand new one.

Refinishing an Existing Floor

Depending on the of your wooden floor and your own DIY comfort zone, you may be able to refinish your dull, scratched woo...

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The Basement - What to Watch For when House Hunting

Posted on Jun 01, 2017 in Inspection

When searching for a new house, one of the most important areas to check out is the basement — a damp or wet basement can result not only in a future financial drain, but also in health concerns. Be sure to have a home inspection conducted by an accredited professional before making any kind of a buying decision.

Upon viewing the basement of a poten...

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