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FYI to those who DIY!

Posted on Apr 10, 2019 in Home Improvement

Whether you live in a big house or a tiny condo (or a small house or a huge condo), there will be times when you think, "I don't need a professional to fix that for me! After all, how hard could it be to do it myself?" Just a heads-up ... your do-it-yourself project just could end up costing more to undo and redo than it would have cost to get done...

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It's crucial to avoid over-improving — and therefore over-spending!

Posted on Mar 25, 2019 in Home Improvement

Spend More, Make More?

Planning to put your home on the market? Congratulations! It's time to start on a whole bunch of renovations to make it the most modern, desirable place on the street, right? Stop right there.

Before doing any kind of home improvement, consult with your real estate sales representative to get a feel for your local real estate e...

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Shine a Light on Spring Cleaning

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 in Home Improvement

When it comes to ensuring the shiniest results from your spring-cleaning, it's most effective to start from the top and work your way down. Here's why.
The laws of gravity are never so apparent than after you think you've finally conquered your spring-cleaning, only to look up and realize your ceiling fan is coated in dust. Start dusting the fan and...

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Party Perfect

Posted on Dec 20, 2017 in Just for Fun

Hosting a party this holiday season? Here are a few ideas to make it a fun and memorable event not only for your guests, but for you too!

At the Top of the List: Make Lists!
It's never too early to start getting organized, and that means making lists so you don't forget a thing.
A written cooking and party prep schedule that includes cleaning, shoppin...

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What's Lurking in Your Home?

Posted on Dec 20, 2017 in Home Improvement

It's not just Halloween that brings out scary things around the home; check out these everyday, frighteningly germy hiding spots! 

1. Cutting boards. From dangerous coliform bacteria to molds and yeasts, your cutting boards are a hotbed of scary germs. Be sure to place boards in the dishwasher or hand-wash in hot soapy water after every use. You can...

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Step on it! To Refinish or Replace Wood Floors?

Posted on Jun 05, 2017 in Home Improvement

There's nothing like the warm, classic allure of wooden floors. But even within this category there are many options, whether you're refinishing an existing wooden floor or installing a brand new one.

Refinishing an Existing Floor

Depending on the of your wooden floor and your own DIY comfort zone, you may be able to refinish your dull, scratched woo...

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